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Floatair Boatlifts is Environment Friendly.

Floatair Boatlifts combines two of the earth's most abundant elements when lifting your water craft in the convenience of your dock/community slip. We mean it when we say our lifts operate on merely oxygen and hydrogen on top of enough electricity to run a household vacuum cleaner for five minutes. When lifting your boat out of the water on a Floatair you're doing more than just keeping your boat clean; you're helping to keep pollutants out of our beautiful lakes, you're cutting back on gas consumption, you're helping America's economy, and you're helping your bank account.

We're joking but serious when we say invest in a Floatair and watch your investment go up time and time again. Not only will your boat keep raising out of the water, you'll also be saving money on expensive marina gas fill ups. Fiber glass which most typical v-drive and run-about boat hulls are made of, retain up to 16% of their own weight by absorbing water. Fiber Glass which is one of the best boat building materials also collects algae and build up when left sitting in water over a period of time, this also cuts back on your boat's performance and gas mileage. Using a Floatair, you keep your boat high and dry yet also clean. If you think of other land locked lifting systems such as forklifts, cranes, and winches that have to use heavy electricity 220V, propane, or other natural gas powered engines used in dry boat storage there's no comparison, Floatair will blow them right out of the water, literally.

Using a very simple concept of buoyancy principles Floatair Boatlifts virtually uses water and air in its lift operation. Let the air out by opening an air valve or using Floatair's incredibly new really awesome remote control solenoid valve to open an air passage letting air escape from the lift, it will slowly sink into the water gently lowering your boat ready for use, as long as the batteries are charged, the engine starts, and/or you drained the head so it didn't freeze before last winter. When done boating pull your boat back into the slip or over the lift where you turn on a blower unit which uses the same power as a household vacuum cleaner, pumping air back into the tanks and lifting your boat at a safe speed back out of the water just as clean as it went in.

On top of saving the environment, you're also saving your bill fold when investing in a Floatair. Floatair manufactures all their lifts in the US using a vertical process. This means we fabricate nearly all our components and then assemble our lifts in the same facility in the US. This lets us offer the best quality control along with cost efficient production thus allowing better quality for better prices, the best bang for your buck, American style. If you don't want to help the environment, America, and contribute to a less fuel dependant world then at least help yourself save money and invest in a Floatair today!