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Floatair Boatlifts was founded in 1987 by Jack Foster, Sr., in Greenville, South Carolina--the Foster family's home for more than two hundred years. While Jack's original intent was to manufacture boats, somewhere along the way to that goal he came up with a boatlift design that seemed to far surpass all existing models on the market. Excited by the idea of creating the "perfect" boatlift, Jack teamed up with engineer Hayward Porter for a trial and error process that resulted in the renowned products Floatair manufactures today.

Today, Floatair is a privately owned company with a reputation for excellence and a long list of satisfied customers. Haywood Porter is still at the helm, while Jack Foster, Jr. has come on board as Vice President. "Floatair is the most stable, most durable boatlift in America," attests Jack Sr. "Our products protect your boat and strengthen your dock at the same time--which is why we're rapidly expanding from regional success to national acclaim."

Floatair has built their business on customer service, integrity, hand-assembled construction, and continued exploration and application of new technologies. It's a labor of love and a key reason why the company is gaining greater dealer representation every day. "The reason we produce the best boatlift in the industry is because we love what we do," submits Hayward Porter. "And when you care about your product, that product reflects it."

In additional to 100% customer satisfaction, Floatair strives to:

  • Use American-made parts in their manufacturing process
  • Remain privately owned to maintaiexcellent customer service standards
  • Keep prices affordable to maximize lift value and customer satisfaction
  • Manufacture products that require minimal to no maintenance

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