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4000# 4 Corner Boat Lift

  • 4000# 4 Corner Boat Lift

Our 4000# four corner boatlift operates in 48" of water and lifts medium or smaller water crafts. It has all the standard features as our other four corner larger boatlift designs along with the same strength to offer you maximum performance. It's bunks adjust in 1" increments to custom fit the bottom of your boat and just like our other boatlifts comes with marine grade non rotting poly guide ropes which allow you to easily lift your boat in the same spot on the lift every time its operated giving you the best CG (center gravity) and a great level looking boat on your lift.

Unique Features of a 4000# 4 Corner Boatlift:
  • Can be purchased with a 15' frame, giving it the ability to upgrade to a 6000# boatlift in the future if you decide to purchase a larger boat
  • Has same components as a larger boatlift, giving it an incredible amount of strength for its recommended lifting capacity
  • Needs 48" of water measuring from the middle of your dock slip
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100% American Made
  • We purchase raw steel from US steel mills
  • Fabricate all our steel components in our manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC
  • We have our galvanizing done in the U.S.
  • Have our polymer components roto-molded in the U.S.
  • Then hand assemble each of our lifts in our manufacturing facility
  • Giving you the performance and lift experience you would expect from American quality.
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