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5000# 4 Corner Boat Lift

  • 5000# 4 Corner Boat Lift

The 5000# four corner boatlift comes standard with a 10' frame but has the option to upgrade to a 15' frame giving you the capability to upgrade to a 7000# boatlift in the future. A 5000# lift will pick up medium size boats but having the option to go to a 7000# boatlift in the future gives you a wide variety of boats to upgrade too without having to buy or switch out lifts. This also increases the resale value of your property.

Unique Features of a 5000# 4 Corner Boatlift:
  • Upgrade ability to 7000# boatlift as easy as adding another tank
  • Has the highest resale value in the industry and increases your property value
  • Needs 52" of water measuring from the middle of your dock slip
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100% American Made
  • We purchase raw steel from US steel mills
  • Fabricate all our steel components in our manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC
  • We have our galvanizing done in the U.S.
  • Have our polymer components roto-molded in the U.S.
  • Then hand assemble each of our lifts in our manufacturing facility
  • Giving you the performance and lift experience you would expect from American quality.
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