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12500# 4 Corner Boat Lift

  • 12500# 4 Corner Boat Lift

Our 12,500# lifts are our heavy duty boatlifts made with incredibly thick steel and are more than marine grade tough. They are our strongest lifts and this will reflect in their prices but once you see these lifts pick a 40' foot or longer boat out of the water without even budging you'd understand. When you have a larger boat you have larger demands and we meet those demands with these lifts and then some. Packed with safety cautions and strength these lifts are still easy to operate and are the strongest lifts in their class in the industry.

Unique Features of a 12,500# 4 Corner Boatlift:
  • Have six arms and brackets connecting the lift to the dock where all our other lifts have 4
  • Higher grade steel for the lifts are more than marine grade tough
  • Needs 52" of water measuring from the middle of your dock slip
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100% American Made
  • We purchase raw steel from US steel mills
  • Fabricate all our steel components in our manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC
  • We have our galvanizing done in the U.S.
  • Have our polymer components roto-molded in the U.S.
  • Then hand assemble each of our lifts in our manufacturing facility
  • Giving you the performance and lift experience you would expect from American quality.
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